Marketing Videos

Immersive marketing videos bring your target audience a whole new experience. In this modern age of advertising, your audience is aware you’re trying to sell them a product or service, but creating an experience while advertising – that’s what is going to set you apart and close the deal. In 2021. we partnered with Mr. Memo, a novelty pen company,  to bring their pens to life and bring their consumers an experience, not just another ad they see online.

We understand the importance of leaving an impression on consumers, and our immersive marketing videos do just that.

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Music Videos

By combining traditional cuts, with animation, and immersive aspects such as 360° viewership, we gave the band Drenalin not just a music video – but a cinematic experience for their audience, and winning 3 Telly Awards.

The music industry is evolving each day, and providing your audience with a music video that they’ll remember is more important than ever.

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Animated Series

The first immersive animated series! MenTor combines traditional 2D animation with 180° viewership, allowing the audience to experience each episode on their mobile devices.

Thanks to our creative team, we brought new meaning to “bring your characters to life.”

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Partnerships and Rewards

We marked 2022. with big achievements for such a young studio.

We partnered with Snapchat for their “Cameos” project: thanks to our modern approach to content, that audiences love, we wrote and created storyboards that would later be turned into Cameos.

We brought home 3 Telly Awards for Gold Dust Chain  and Mr. Memo Saves Penelopy.

Did we mention we were nominated for an Emmy in 2021. for Reactor 5?

These are just some of the small steps and wins we’re making every year.

Skills & Expertise

Story Writing & Creation

Story Boarding

Character Creation
& Modelling

2D & 3D Animation

Environment Creation
Post Production

360° & 180°