Marketing Videos

From an overlooked novelty pen in an Ohio basement, Mr. Memo skyrocketed to fame, amassing 43,000 organic views and achieving a groundbreaking 10%-12% Click-Through Rate (CTR), dramatically outperforming YouTube’s average. This viral triumph was just the beginning, as our unique merchandise line brought us an astonishing 400% return. Our creative marketing efforts were recognized with a prestigious Telly Award for Branded Content and the innovative use of 360-degree video, underscoring our commitment to excellence and innovation. The Mr. Memo story is a testament to the power of creative storytelling and digital ingenuity, transforming a simple pen into a cultural icon. Join us in celebrating this journey, where every product is a piece of our award-winning legacy. Welcome to the adventure of Mr. Memo, where innovation meets tradition and excellence.


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Music Videos

Using traditional cuts, animation, and 360° views, we gave Drenalin’s music video a cinematic feel, winning 3 Telly Awards.

In today’s evolving music industry, memorable music videos are crucial.

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Animated Series

The first immersive animated series! MenTor combines traditional 2D animation with 180° viewership, allowing the audience to experience each episode on their mobile devices.

Thanks to our creative team, we brought new meaning to “bring your characters to life.”

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Partnerships and Rewards

In 2022, our young studio celebrated significant milestones.

We collaborated with Snapchat on the “Cameos” project, crafting storyboards that evolved into popular Cameos.

We won 3 Telly Awards for “Gold Dust Chain ” and “Mr. Memo Saves Penelopy

Oh, and we snagged an Emmy nomination in 2021 for “Reactor 5″

These highlights mark our annual journey of achievements.

Skills & Expertise

Story Writing & Creation


Character Creation
& Modelling

2D & 3D Animation

Environment Creation
Post Production

360° & 180°