Reactor 5

Partnership with PeopleLink

“Reactor 5” is a standalone piece of content created for the PeopleLink organization of greater Cleveland. PeopleLink, which supports underserved families throughout Northeast Ohio, wanted to bring attention to the social and financial crisis facing Ohio families in the post-Covid era. 2Immersive4U was tasked with creating a fully interactive storytelling experience for its 18-24-year-old audience. The piece was distributed through a series of web-based and social media platforms.

ACT 1 - Opening

Walking through City and entering an old house.
Near you, there is a girl (and a dog).
You’re walking near the broken mirror and caught your reflections.
There is a photo of a Family on the floor, and you
Have the realization that that girl is your sister.
She is picking up the picture, but she cut herself,
And the particle of blood (animation) skips to past.

2 act

The particle is going down and hits the roofs of the house.
It’s the same house (from the beginning of the video)
But it’s nicely family home now.
Dad is kissing you, and you’re sister for Goodbye as he is off to work. He pets the dog.
Shot of dad through the window as he is taking off.
Your sister realizes that he forgot his lucky watch (with the print Papa/lucky watch on it), and she told you to pick it up.
Watch is just placed near the family photo.
You are walking through the door.


You’re walking through Powerplant hallways to find him.
He is grabbing you in a rush and starts running back thru hallways.
You can hear the sirens.
There is no time to explain, and he locks himself in the chamber.
You see his sad face through a little window of a chamber.
You are running thru the hallways and just as you exit the
Plant and see the destruction, the ashes of fire transport you in the present time.


Your sister is placing the family picture on the shelf, and you’re talking the clock from you’re pocket and placing it near the family photo.

Rescue soldiers are coming to pick you up from the ruins.