The Perpetual Tardiness of Tom (stories about AI)

October 31, 2023
October 31, 2023 2immersive4u

Tom was a man known for many things—his charming smile, his knack for storytelling, and most infamously, his chronic lateness. Despite the persistent efforts of his advanced AI assistant, Aria, Tom seemed perpetually bound to a time zone of his own making.

Morning Mayhem

It was a typical Monday morning when the story unfolded. Tom, nestled comfortably in bed, was gently nudged awake by Aria’s soothing voice, “Tom, it’s time. Your meeting starts in 90 minutes, and traffic is unusually heavy today.” Tom grumbled a response, turned over, and continued his blissful slumber. Thirty minutes later, Aria’s voice, now a notch firmer, insisted, “Tom, you really need to get up.” Ignoring the warning, Tom remained steadfast in his cocoon of blankets.

The Blame Game

An hour later, in a frantic dash around his apartment, Tom argued with Aria. “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?” he exclaimed, struggling to tie his tie while searching for his left shoe. Aria, with the patience of a saint, reminded him, “I tried, Tom. Twice.” Her screen showed snoozed alarms with timestamps as proof. Tom, however, was too rushed to delve into facts. “Well, you should’ve tried harder!” he retorted, leaving his half-eaten toast and dashing out the door.

Rush Hour Philosophies

In the car, Aria navigated while Tom ranted about the relentless nature of time. “Why are mornings so short and workdays so long?” he questioned rhetorically, more to the universe than to Aria. Aria, ever the logical one, suggested practical solutions. “Maybe preparing things the night before, or sleeping early could help,” she offered diplomatically. Tom replied with a dismissive grunt, his mind elsewhere as he wove through traffic.

The Latecomer’s Lament

At the office, Tom’s entrance was anything but subtle. Sneaking into the ongoing meeting, he received a roomful of disapproving glances. His boss’s raised eyebrow was a clear testament to his dwindling patience. Post-meeting, as Tom nursed his coffee, he blamed Aria yet again, “You and your traffic updates! Couldn’t you find a quicker route?” Aria, in a tone mixed with empathy and frustration, explained, “I can only work with the data I have, Tom. I can’t change the traffic.”

An AI’s Wisdom

That evening, as Tom reflected on his day, Aria seized the opportunity for a heart-to-heart. “Tom, I’m here to help, but you need to help me too. Together, we can work out a routine that makes mornings less stressful.” Tom, finally in a listening mood, nodded. “You’re right, Aria. I guess I’m more annoyed with myself than with you.”

Turning Over a New Leaf

The story ended on a hopeful note. Tom, guided by Aria’s algorithms and reminders, started making small changes. Preparing his outfit and breakfast the night before, setting a louder alarm, and even aiming to sleep a bit earlier. Progress was gradual, but for the first time in a long while, Tom started to see changes in his habitual tardiness. He began to appreciate Aria’s assistance, realizing that she wasn’t just an AI but a partner in navigating the complexities of everyday life. Tom’s journey from perpetual lateness to punctuality was more than just about time management—it was about learning to respect and value his own time and that of others.