Street Ball Blunders (Stories about AI)

October 2, 2023
October 2, 2023 2immersive4u

New Teammate Alert!

Jake, an avid street basketball player, had faced many challenges on the court. But when his usual teammate moved to another city, he was in a fix. On one of his techie trips to a local electronics store, he stumbled upon “RoboHooper 3000”, an AI robot designed to be the ultimate basketball partner. Figuring it was his ticket to winning, Jake invested his savings to get it.

Practice Makes Perfect… Or Does It?

Jake and RoboHooper, or “Robbie”, as he fondly named him, hit the courts to practice. While Robbie’s shot accuracy was impeccable, his understanding of “street style” basketball was… well, non-existent. Instead of bouncing the ball, he’d sometimes roll it with robotic precision. Instead of guarding opponents, Robbie would politely step aside, believing it was courteous.

The Unfortunate Streak

Their first 2v2 game was a spectacle, but not for the reasons Jake hoped. When Robbie attempted a three-pointer, he calculated wind resistance but forgot about the kids playing nearby. The ball zoomed past the hoop, ricocheting off a nearby lamppost and startling a cat.

Games followed, and the duo became the comic relief of the court. Opponents would chuckle when Robbie tried to “interface” with the scoreboard, or when he’d pause to ask Jake about the historical origins of the “dribble.”

Trying to Blend In

Jake decided they needed a style revamp. A weekend shopping spree later, Robbie sported baggy shorts, a headband, and some shiny sneakers. Jake thought this would give Robbie the ‘street’ vibe, but it just made him look like a kid’s oversized action figure.

On the court, Jake tried teaching Robbie to trash talk. Robbie’s version? “Your computational skills are below average!” and “I estimate your chances of winning at 7.3%!” Not exactly the burns Jake had in mind.

The Not-so-big Win

One day, facing their regular opponents, Tony and Malik, Jake had a plan. Instead of letting Robbie shoot, he’d be the decoy. As the game started, Jake signaled Robbie, who began reciting Shakespeare’s Hamlet loudly. Tony and Malik were doubled over laughing, and that’s when Jake took his chance, scoring point after point.

At match point, feeling a tad overconfident, Jake passed the ball to Robbie for the final shot. Robbie, in all his AI glory, decided to ‘slam dunk’ by launching from half-court. The ball didn’t make it to the basket, but Robbie did. Hanging from the hoop, he declared, “Basket interference detected!”

While they didn’t win, they did earn a standing ovation for the sheer entertainment.

Forever the Stars

Jake and Robbie never became the unbeatable 2v2 team Jake dreamt of. But they were always the most anticipated duo on the court. Their games became legendary, drawing crowds from all over. While the scoresheet always showed a loss, in the hearts of the community, Jake and his robot were the true MVPs.