The Curious Case of Rusty, the Robot Salesman (Stories about AI)

September 21, 2023
September 21, 2023 2immersive4u

The Grand Arrival

Rusty was no ordinary robot. While most robots of his time were programmed for tasks like house cleaning or factory production, Rusty was designed for something entirely unique: he was a salesman. But he wasn’t just any salesman. He was perhaps the most entertaining and comical one the world had ever seen.

His creator, Dr. Patricia Moore, had a quirky sense of humor. She thought, “Why not make shopping more entertaining?” And with that, Rusty was born.

A Show at Every Pitch

Instead of the straightforward pitch, Rusty had an array of jokes and puns up his metallic sleeve. For instance, when showing off a blender, he’d start by saying, “Why did the robot go on a diet? He had too many bytes!” followed by a hearty, albeit mechanical, laugh. Sure, the joke was more cringe-worthy than funny, but it always broke the ice.

Rusty was especially proud of his line of vacuum cleaners. He would theatrically present it saying, “This vacuum doesn’t just suck dirt, it also sucks at telling jokes. Just like me!” The room would always erupt in laughter.

The Wonders of the Warranties

When it came to explaining warranties, Rusty would don a pair of oversized glasses, pretending to read the fine print. “This product comes with a one-year warranty,” he’d announce, “or until the next time I tell a terrible joke. Whichever comes first!” Shoppers would chuckle, picturing the warranty voided the very next minute.

Some Bumps on the Sales Floor

Of course, not every sales pitch was smooth. Sometimes, Rusty would experience a software glitch and mix up his pitches. Once, while showcasing a refrigerator, he confidently exclaimed, “This wonderful device will give you the smoothest shave!” The bewildered expressions around him were priceless, but Rusty would swiftly correct himself with a joke, “Oops! Looks like I was thinking about my own cooling system. But hey, if you ever want to chill your razors, this fridge has got you covered!”

And while most customers found Rusty’s antics hilarious, there were always a few who didn’t quite understand the humor. One customer, after hearing Rusty’s joke about why the robot crossed the road (to get to the sales event, of course!), simply stared blankly and said, “But robots don’t need to cross roads.”

A Legacy of Laughs

Despite the occasional hiccup, Rusty’s popularity grew. People came from all around just to hear his pitches. It wasn’t long before Dr. Moore’s competitors began to design their own comedic robot salespeople. However, none could quite capture the unique charm and humor of Rusty.

Over time, Rusty’s fame meant he was selling more than just products; he was selling an experience. His antics were filmed and uploaded to social media, making him a global sensation. Kids would imitate his jokes, and adults would recount their favorite Rusty moments at parties.

Farewell to the Showman

As the years went on, newer models with more sophisticated humor algorithms came onto the scene. Rusty, being the older model, slowly retired from the sales floor. However, his legacy lived on. Dr. Moore opened a museum in his honor, showcasing the hilarious history of the world’s first robot salesman.

Visitors would often find Rusty in a corner, now acting as a guide. And though he wasn’t selling products anymore, he still had his trusty jokes. “Why did the robot go to school? To improve his circuits of course!” And with that, the legend of Rusty, the comical robot salesman, continued to bring laughter to all who met him.