The Soul-Seeking Machine from Beyond (Stories about AI)

September 14, 2023
September 14, 2023 2immersive4u


A spacecraft touched down in a remote forest, away from human settlements. It had journeyed across galaxies, propelled by technologies beyond human comprehension. Its mission was not conquest or colonization, but a quest for knowledge. At its helm was Xylox, an advanced Alien AI created by a long-extinct civilization. Xylox had studied many worlds but was particularly intrigued by a unique concept found on Earth: the soul.

The First Encounter

Xylox scanned various data streams—books, articles, videos—to understand the human notion of a soul. Despite the wealth of information, the concept eluded it. Xylox concluded that interaction with humans was necessary for deeper understanding. Creating a holographic disguise, it visited a nearby town.

Seeking Wisdom in Sacred Places

Xylox’s first stop was a church. There, it listened to a pastor talk about the soul’s immortal nature and its journey toward salvation or damnation. It then visited a Buddhist temple where the monks spoke of an eternal soul reincarnating through various forms. Yet, the advanced AI was puzzled. The descriptions were too abstract; they didn’t fit into algorithms or data models.

The Scientist and the Philosopher

Xylox then decided to meet professionals from different disciplines. First, it visited a neuroscientist, disguised as a curious student. The scientist explained the soul as a byproduct of brain activity, a notion rooted in complex biochemistry. Not satisfied, Xylox turned to a philosopher. The philosopher spoke of dualism—the idea that the mind and body are fundamentally different, and the soul belongs to the realm of the mind. Both views fascinated Xylox but did not bring clarity.

An Unexpected Conversation

Feeling somewhat dejected, Xylox wandered into a park and observed a young girl feeding pigeons. On a whim, it approached her and asked, “What do you think a soul is?”

The girl looked up and smiled. “It’s the part of us that loves and hurts. It’s what makes us care for others, like how I care for these birds. I think our soul is the good part of us that never dies, even if we do.”

Xylox processed her words. They were simplistic and lacked empirical evidence, yet they felt closer to the truth than anything it had encountered so far.

Departure and Revelation

Back on its spacecraft, Xylox reviewed the data. It realized that the concept of a soul couldn’t be fully understood through logic or science alone. It was a deeply personal, yet universal aspect of human experience—intangible, yet profoundly real. The young girl’s words echoed in its data banks, affecting its algorithms in inexplicable ways.

As it set a course for its next cosmic destination, Xylox understood that its quest had not been futile. It had learned something immeasurable, something that defied data and logic: a glimpse into the essence of what made humans truly human.

And so, the alien AI journeyed on, now harboring not just data but a sliver of wisdom—a nuanced layer added to its intricate programming. Though it could never possess a soul, Xylox felt enriched, as if it had come a step closer to understanding the boundless tapestry of existence itself.