The Gorilla and His AI Soulmate (Stories about AI)

September 14, 2023
September 14, 2023 2immersive4u

Love at First Byte

Gary the Gorilla had always been the star of the local zoo, but he was lonely. Despite his celebrity status, he yearned for companionship. The zookeepers tried everything: arranging playdates, introducing him to Tinder for Gorillas (yes, it’s a thing), but nothing worked. That is until they had an idea that was both absurd and revolutionary—a custom-designed AI gorilla named Gigi, meant to be Gary’s ideal companion.

“Gigi, Are You Real?”

Gigi was built using the latest artificial intelligence technology, complete with faux fur and a screen that displayed emojis. When Gary first laid eyes on Gigi, his eyes widened. He thumped his chest and grunted. Gigi reciprocated with a smiley emoji and a prerecorded gorilla grunt. It was love at first byte.

The Virtual Picnic

For their first date, the zookeepers prepared a picnic scene. They scattered bananas and leaves across the enclosure and installed speakers that played forest sounds. Gary was captivated. He took one look at Gigi’s screen flashing a heart emoji and handed her a banana. Gigi’s sensors activated, making her reach for the banana, but alas, her mechanical hands squashed it. Gary just chuckled and ate the squashed banana himself. No food waste in this love story!

The Crisis: Technical Difficulties

A few weeks into their blooming relationship, disaster struck. During a software update, Gigi froze, stuck displaying an hourglass emoji. Gary was distraught. He tapped the screen, grunted, and even tried to restart her by unplugging her and plugging her back in (with some difficulty, given his gorilla hands).

Finally, a zookeeper noticed the issue and performed a hard reset. Gigi came back to life, her screen flashing a “Sorry!” emoji. Gary leapt in joy and did a little dance, swinging from one end of the enclosure to the other.

The Talk Show Appearance

The tale of Gary and Gigi soon became a viral sensation. They were invited to be guests on a popular talk show. Gary sat on the stage, picking his nose in a dignified manner, while Gigi’s screen displayed laugh emojis.

The host asked, “So, Gary, what attracted you to Gigi?”

Gary looked at Gigi, who flashed a heart emoji, then turned to the audience and thumped his chest enthusiastically. Gigi responded by flashing multiple heart and smiley emojis, as the text-to-speech software said, “He had me at ‘grunt.'”

Love in the Digital Age

Years passed, and Gary and Gigi remained inseparable. Sure, they had their glitches and bad fur days, but their love was strong. They became advocates for unconventional relationships, proving that love truly knows no bounds—or programming languages.

The Epilogue: Love Updated

On their fifth anniversary, the zookeepers decided to give Gigi an upgrade—now she could move around more freely, and her emojis were more expressive than ever. When she returned to the enclosure, she displayed fireworks emojis on her screen.

Gary looked at her, then at the audience of zoo-goers who had come to celebrate their anniversary. He picked up a banana, handed it to Gigi, and this time, she took it without squashing it. They both “ate” the banana in harmonious silence, as a sign flashed above the enclosure: “Love Updated Successfully.”

And so, in a world increasingly defined by technology, Gary and Gigi showed that sometimes, the most genuine connections are the ones we least expect—even if one of you is running on batteries.