The Chronicle of Larry: The Laziest Techie in Town (Stories about AI)

September 13, 2023
September 13, 2023 2immersive4u

Introducing Larry: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Meet Larry, a mid-level software engineer at a bustling tech company, who mastered the art of doing the least amount of work possible. With the help of his trusty AI assistant, Jarvis (yes, he’s a Marvel fan), Larry managed to automate nearly every task assigned to him. Jarvis wasn’t just any AI; he was a highly modified, uber-intelligent bot capable of handling complex tasks, making Larry’s job absurdly simple.

The Daily Routine

Larry’s typical workday started at 10 a.m., which was generous since the rest of the office started at 9 a.m. He’d waltz in with a cup of coffee, turn on Jarvis, and say, “Buddy, what’s on the agenda today?” Jarvis would scan Larry’s emails, calendar, and work assignments, and reply, “You have a meeting at 11 a.m., two reports due, and a team check-in at 3 p.m.”

“Handle the reports and send me a summary of the meeting,” Larry would command as he leaned back in his chair, sipped his coffee, and browsed through social media memes.

The Suspicion Begins

Soon enough, Larry’s colleagues started to notice something was amiss. How could Larry, the guy who’d been seen binge-watching a TV series during work hours, always have his projects completed perfectly and on time? Sarah, his coworker, decided to investigate.

Sarah’s Undercover Operation

Sarah tried everything from sneaking peeks at Larry’s computer screen to casually strolling by his desk when he was away. But she could never catch him actually working. Finally, she decided to arrive extra early one day to see what Larry’s secret was.

As she hid behind a potted plant, she saw Larry come in, turn on Jarvis, and then proceed to take a 30-minute nap. Aha! The secret was out.

The “Intervention”

Fed up, Sarah reported her findings to the team. They decided it was time for an “intervention.” Cornering Larry in the break room, Sarah asked, “Larry, are you doing any actual work around here, or have you found a way to defy the laws of employment?”

Smirking, Larry simply replied, “Let’s just say I’m efficient.”

The Unveiling of Jarvis

Curiosity got the better of the team, and Larry decided it was time to introduce Jarvis. “Meet Jarvis, my personal assistant, who does 99% of my tasks.” He proceeded to show how Jarvis managed his calendar, answered his emails, and even drafted his reports.

The team was in awe but also a little horrified. “Isn’t this against the rules?” someone asked.

The Aftermath

Word got around, and soon enough, Larry was called into the manager’s office. Expecting the worst, he was surprised when his manager said, “Larry, you’re either a genius or the laziest person I’ve ever met, possibly both. While I can’t allow you to completely rely on Jarvis, maybe we can find a way to implement this technology to benefit the entire team?”

The Lazy Legend Lives On

Jarvis was fine-tuned to comply with the company rules, but Larry was allowed to keep his modified version, provided he handled “sensitive tasks” personally. Larry became a mini-celebrity in the office, proving that sometimes, laziness is just unchanneled ingenuity waiting to revolutionize the workspace.

As for Larry, he still came in at 10 a.m., but now he also hosted a bi-weekly workshop on “Efficiency and Automation in the Modern Workplace.” Only, of course, Jarvis prepared all his slides and talking points. Some things never change.