Galactic Gelato: An Alien’s Quest for Earthly Ice Cream (Stories about AI)

September 13, 2023
September 13, 2023 2immersive4u

The Out-of-This-World Craving

Zibblor, an alien from the planet Glorbon-5, had a sweet tooth—well, a sweet tentacle. From a clandestine Earth broadcast that had somehow traveled across galaxies, Zibblor learned of a heavenly Earth delicacy: ice cream. The bright colors and creamy textures were too much for Zibblor to resist. His obsession grew so strong that he decided to make a trip to Earth just to get a taste. But how would he do it?

Operation Earth-Cream

Lacking the know-how to navigate through interstellar space, Zibblor decided to build an AI pilot named Navigalactica. After days of coding, soldering, and reprogramming, Navigalactica was ready for their first intergalactic voyage.

“Take me to Earth, Navigalactica! And set the course for the place with the most ice cream shops per square mile!” Zibblor instructed.

“Affirmative. Calculating route to Ben & Jerry’s hometown in Vermont, USA,” replied Navigalactica.

The Not-So-Smooth Landing

Navigalactica steered the ship through asteroid belts and wormholes until Earth was in sight. But there was one issue—Zibblor’s ship was designed to look like a giant ice cream cone. As they entered Earth’s atmosphere, kids started pointing at the sky, shouting, “Look, Mom, a flying ice cream!”

The ship crash-landed into a large field, conveniently close to an actual Ben & Jerry’s store. Zibblor climbed out of the ship, unscathed but disoriented. “Navigalactica, what happened?”

“I may have miscalculated the aerodynamics of an ice-cream-cone-shaped spaceship,” the AI replied.

The Ice Cream Fiasco

Zibblor used his cloaking device to disguise himself as a human (though a somewhat awkward one with green hair) and walked into the Ben & Jerry’s store. Seeing tubs upon tubs of colorful ice cream, Zibblor was overwhelmed with excitement. He ordered one of every flavor—totally 31 scoops—piled on a gigantic waffle cone.

Eagerly taking his first lick, Zibblor realized he had another problem: Glorbonians are lactose intolerant. He felt his tentacles quiver and his eyes water. “Navigalactica, this is a disaster!”

“Would you like to try lactose-free options?” the AI suggested, searching through Yelp reviews.

A Quest Fulfilled

Finding a vegan ice cream place nearby, Zibblor and Navigalactica flew their cone-shaped ship (a bit more cautiously this time) to their next destination. The vegan ice cream was a hit! Zibblor couldn’t get enough of the coconut-based Mint Chocolate Chip.

With his cravings finally satisfied, Zibblor took one last greedy scoop and said, “Navigalactica, let’s go home and bring this recipe to Glorbon-5!”

Homeward Bound

As Zibblor’s ship blasted off back to Glorbon-5, children again looked up and exclaimed, “The flying ice cream is going back to space!”

Once they reached home, Zibblor became a local hero, regaling everyone with tales of his quest for Earthly ice cream. He even started his own vegan ice cream shop, cleverly named “Zibblor & Jerry’s,” which became a galactic sensation.

And so, Zibblor’s interstellar journey for ice cream became the stuff of Glorbonian legends, a tale told to every young Glorbonian as a testament to what one can achieve when fueled by a sweet craving and a reliable AI.