The Unforgettable Flight to Hawai’i: An AI Adventure (Stories about AI)

September 7, 2023
September 7, 2023 2immersive4u

Boarding The Plane

As I stepped onto Flight 207, I sensed something was a bit off. It wasn’t the overly cheerful flight attendant greeting us or the unusually clean cabin. It was a tiny sign near the cockpit door that read, “Today’s pilot is ADA: Your Automated Digital Aviator.”

“A pilot who won’t chit-chat with air traffic control? Sign me up,” I joked to myself, taking my seat.

AI vs. Snoring Passenger

The plane took off smoothly, and I couldn’t help but think how far technology had come. Mid-flight, the AI surprised us. Over the intercom came ADA’s electronic yet strangely charming voice: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m ADA. If there’s anything you need, please feel free to ask.”

Right then, a snoring symphony erupted from the back row, causing a ripple of laughter among the passengers. The AI continued, “If someone could please gently wake up Mr. Snore-a-lot in seat 32B, that would make for a more pleasant flight experience for all. Thank you.”

The Hula Challenge

An hour before landing, the AI spoke again: “Dear passengers, as a fun pre-landing activity, we’re going to have a hula dance challenge. Feel free to stand up and give it a try. But remember, seat belts fastened when seated!”

I watched with delight as people started wiggling in the aisle. A live hula dance tutorial played on the overhead screens, and passengers tried their best to keep up. It was hilariously imperfect. In the middle of all this, a soft electronic chuckle came through the speakers: “Excellent moves, folks. Seat 19A, you’re a natural!”

The Unusual Landing Announcement

As we approached Hawai’i, ADA had one more trick up its non-existent sleeves. “We will be landing shortly. Please fasten your seat belts, stow your tray tables, and prepare your best ‘Aloha’ faces for landing. You’ll need it for the welcoming committee of one—I am programmed to appreciate your enthusiasm.”

Giggles and whispers filled the cabin. This was undoubtedly the most entertaining flight anyone had ever been on.

Touchdown and Farewell

The landing was smooth as silk. As the plane taxied, ADA’s voice came on one last time: “Welcome to Hawai’i! I hope you’ve enjoyed this flight as much as a programmatic entity like me can enjoy human activities. Which is to say, theoretically a lot.”

As we disembarked, each passenger received a printed photo of themselves attempting the hula dance, captioned: “Flight 207: The Sky’s Not The Limit When You Hula at 30,000 Feet.”

There was also a footnote: “Brought to you by ADA: making flights safer, smoother, and sillier one hula dance at a time.”

As I stepped off the plane, I knew this was a story I’d be telling for years. After all, who could forget a trip piloted by an AI with a sense of humor? It was the perfect beginning to what promised to be an unforgettable Hawai’i vacation.

And somewhere in the circuits and codes that made up ADA, I like to think the AI was smiling—if an AI could smile, that is.