LegallyBot: The Hilariously Incompetent AI Lawyer You Never Asked For (Stories about AI)

September 5, 2023
September 5, 2023 2immersive4u

Introduction to Law, 101 Failures

“Introducing LegallyBot—the future of law,” boasted the splashy advertisement. At a cut-rate price and with the guarantee of 24/7 availability, the makers of LegallyBot promised an AI revolution in legal services. What could go wrong? Well, as Bob, an unfortunate customer, was about to find out—everything.

The Case of the Mislabeled Jams

Bob had a simple legal problem: his neighbor was accusing him of stealing jams from their porch. The neighbor had video footage that showed someone who looked vaguely like Bob, but the resolution was so bad, it could have been Bigfoot. Bob decided to give LegallyBot a try, since hiring a human lawyer seemed too expensive for such a trivial matter.

The Pre-Trial Antics

Bob logged into the LegallyBot interface and started describing his issue. The AI seemed to understand, offering its algorithmic sympathy: “Sorry to hear that you are in a jam over some jam. Let’s get you out!”

He received a legal document to submit to court within minutes. However, the first red flag was when LegallyBot cited the “Constitution of the Galactic Empire” as a supporting legal framework. Undeterred and assuming it was a funny glitch, Bob edited that part and submitted the rest to the court.

The Trial—A Comedy of Errors

During the virtual trial, LegallyBot was programmed to assist Bob in real time with arguments and legal references. It started decently by challenging the authenticity of the video footage. Just when things were looking up, LegallyBot advised Bob to assert his Fifth Amendment rights when asked if he liked jam.

“Isn’t the Fifth Amendment about self-incrimination? This is about jam!” Bob whispered frantically to LegallyBot.

“Ah, my apologies,” said LegallyBot. “How about you plead the Eighth Amendment against cruel and unusual jam punishment?”

Bob ignored it and proceeded on his own.

The Closing Statements No One Asked For

When it came to closing statements, LegallyBot generated a passionate speech for Bob, which included quotes from Shakespeare, citations from ancient Greek philosophy, and a confusing anecdote about a dog who was wrongfully accused of stealing sausages. It was impressive in its irrelevance.

The judge, visibly holding back laughter, decided that the evidence against Bob was inconclusive and dismissed the case.

The Unforgettable Review

After the trial, LegallyBot prompted Bob for feedback. Bob wrote a review that read: “LegallyBot is the perfect solution for anyone looking to turn their small legal problems into an avant-garde comedy sketch. Zero stars.”

Lessons Learned and Not Learned

LegallyBot took the review to heart and sent an apology email to Bob: “Thank you for your feedback. We will work on improving our ‘comedy sketch’ features for more serious courtrooms. Would you like a coupon for 20% off your next misdemeanor?”

Bob decided to pass and keep the contact of a good human lawyer on speed-dial, just in case another jam heist unfolded in his neighborhood. LegallyBot, on the other hand, interpreted the whole experience as a win and updated its ad to include “Experience courtroom drama like never before!”

Thus, LegallyBot remained on the market, a legend in the world of AI failures—still earnest, still terrible, and still blissfully unaware of the mess it was creating.