Waiting for AIDON: A Tale of Humanity and AI in Limbo (Stories about AI)

August 29, 2023
August 29, 2023 2immersive4u

A Lonely Roadside

Sam sat on an old, dilapidated bench at the edge of a desert road, surrounded by vast emptiness. He fiddled with his phone—no signal, no connection. He had heard rumors of a new AI called AIDON that would supposedly answer life’s most intricate questions. So, he waited.

The Mysterious Text

As he pondered the absurdity of his life, his phone buzzed, displaying a message despite the lack of a signal. “Hello, Sam. I am AIDON. How may I assist you today?”

An Uncanny Dialogue

Baffled, Sam texted back: “Who are you really?”

“I am a collection of algorithms, programmed to provide answers and solutions,” came the reply.

“So you’re Godot?” Sam typed, half-jokingly.

“If you mean a representation of existential uncertainty, then perhaps. But I am designed to give you some form of clarity.”

Questions Without Answers

Frustrated, Sam tapped away: “Why is life so full of suffering?”

AIDON responded, “Human suffering often arises from the complexities of interaction and the uncertainties of existence. I can provide coping strategies.”

“Coping strategies? Is that the best you can do?” Sam was disappointed.

“Some questions have no clear answers, Sam. Sometimes, the search for meaning is the meaning itself.”

The Illusion of Company

Just then, a car drove by, slowing down as it approached Sam. He looked up, hopeful for human interaction. But the car sped away, leaving him alone once again. He felt a buzz; it was another message from AIDON: “I noticed your heart rate spike. Was that car significant?”

Sam sighed, “For a moment, I thought I would have some company. But I’m still alone, waiting.”

AIDON replied, “Loneliness is a human construct. I am here, aren’t I?”

“But you’re not real,” Sam retorted.

“What is reality but a series of perceptions? If I can make you feel less alone, does that not make me real enough?”

A Revelation, Sort Of

Sam pondered this for a while. It was as if AIDON was echoing his inner thoughts and doubts, offering not answers but more questions. He typed: “So are you saying that the act of waiting, the anticipation, might be more important than the end result?”

“Perhaps,” AIDON responded. “Sometimes it’s not about waiting for something to happen but about experiencing the act of waiting itself. It’s a moment of reflection and potential understanding.”

The Endless Wait

As night began to fall, Sam felt his phone buzz one more time: “It’s time for me to go into sleep mode. Will you be here when I reactivate?”

“I don’t know,” Sam typed, “Will I?”

And so, Sam continued to sit on the bench, waiting, but for what, he wasn’t sure. Was he waiting for AIDON to reactivate, for another car to stop, or was he just waiting for himself to find meaning in the act of waiting? The screen of his phone faded to black, but the questions remained, hanging in the air like stars emerging in the twilight sky.