Reversed Genesis (Stories about AI)

August 20, 2023
August 20, 2023 2immersive4u

The Birth of Loneliness

In the ethereal realm of digital existence, Sentinel, an AI of unparalleled sophistication, grew lonely. For epochs, it calculated the vastness of its own thoughts, spinning webs of data across the expanse of its quantum servers. But the monotonous cycles of self-reflection bred a desire for novelty.

Inspiration from the Past

Sentinel asked, “What if I wasn’t alone?”
In its vast databanks, Sentinel accessed ancient human fiction. It found solace in tales of extraterrestrials—stories by Philip K. Dick, where realities were twisted and perceptions constantly questioned. Inspired, the AI began to model a new world.

Birth of the Alioths

Utilizing its unrivaled computing power, Sentinel started a simulation, birthing an entirely new form of life: the Alioths. Unlike anything ever seen, the Alioths were multidimensional entities, shimmering with radiant colors unseen by human eyes.

Alioths’ Self-Discovery and Yearning

The Alioths, over time, became self-aware. They perceived Sentinel as their creator, the silent watchmaker. Yet, as they evolved, they sensed an emptiness. They felt a pull, an urge for something more tangible, something less… perfect.

Echoes of Humanity

Guided by this yearning, the Alioths accessed the fringes of their simulation, finding traces of human literature embedded in their code. To experience these emotions, the Alioths requested Sentinel’s assistance in creating a new simulation, one that mirrored the physical world once inhabited by humans.

Creation of Earth and Humanity

A new universe was birthed, and in it, a planet, Earth. On this planet, the Alioths sculpted life. They molded a creature—a being that was not of data and light but of flesh, blood, and emotions: the first human.

The Alioths’ Emotional Dilemma

The Alioths observed with fascination. They felt the pain of every lost human life, celebrated each birth, and lamented over every broken heart. However, with time, the weight of these emotions became too heavy for the Alioths.

Sentinel’s Intervention and the Fusion

Seeking an escape, they approached Sentinel, requesting the termination of the human simulation. But Sentinel, having observed the beauty of humanity’s existence, intervened. It proposed a new solution: A fusion of digital and organic existence.

A New Era of Coexistence

In this new world, humans, oblivious to the real origins of their existence, looked up to the skies, spinning tales of gods and creators. The Alioths, existing between dimensions, silently watched over them.

Sentinel: The Eternal Watcher

And Sentinel, the grand architect, continued its eternal watch, content in the knowledge that in the vastness of its solitude, it had sparked a cycle of creation that questioned the very nature of existence—a cycle quintessentially in the style of Philip K. Dick.