Mr. Memo Saves Penelopy

May 11, 2021
May 11, 2021 2immersive4u

Everyone needs Mr. Memo

While our world might be small, we often forget that our world is made up of even smaller worlds. In this case, a table with novelty pens brought to life. 

Just like in any world, some pens are considered good and some are considered evil. There isn’t much talk about it until the evil ones get power. 


Mr. Penn, is one of those evil ones, but as every villain has their nemesis so does he! Mr. Penn didn’t give it much thought before trying to kidnap an innocent pen and destroy the world (technically, a table), so he proceeded with his plan – kidnap the beauty of his world and attach a sticky bomb to her while ultimately destroying the world with her.  


Nobody knows why he would do this, maybe resentment because he has always felt like an outcast in this world? Nevertheless, his evil intent cannot be justified. 


Thinking his plan is bulletproof, he didn’t realize the beauty he kidnapped, Penelopy, is also the love of Mr. Memo, Mr. Penn’s soon-to-be nemesis. 

The fight begins

Mr. Penn is taking Penelopy hostage while attaching the sticky bomb to her, Mr. Memo appears.  “You will never defeat me, Mr. Memo!” says Penn while laughing at his face across the table. Penn is blabbering how he’s going to destroy the world (the table), but one sentence caught Mr. Memo’s attention “You’ll never remember the date!” said Mr. Penn as he flees after activating the bomb with a password. 


Thankfully, Mr. Memo never forgets, as his name indicates – he’s got the memo! “It’s my birthday,” says Penelopy, while hoping he has it written down on his memo pad. 

Mr. Memo pulls out his memo and sees the date and enters it on the keypad on the sticky bomb. The beeping sound stops as relief washes over their faces. 


Mr. Memo is not done saving the day, he flips – launching the memo pad from his body and hitting Mr. Penn. 

“Curse you Mr. Memo!” yells Penn as he gets hit by Memo’s note and falls off the face of the world (the table, obviously). 


“Mr. Memo, you never forget,” says Penelopy with a smile on her face.


Mr. Memo never forgets important things. 


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