Introducing 360° Videos – Q&A

April 28, 2021
April 28, 2021 2immersive4u

Get to know 360° videos!

With technology evolving, the content needs to evolve with it! More and more companies, creatives and contact creators are dabbling in 360° videos, whether captured by a camera or create in programs such as Unreal Engine.

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What is 360 degree video?

It’s an immersive experience – a video in which you’re able to change the angel you’re looking from as if you’re a part of it, not just watching it. This form of video can be viewed in everyday devices, like laptops and phones, but you can also use headsets. Check out one of the most viewed 360 degree videos on YouTube here.

Are 360 degree videos the same as 3D videos?

The similarities are there, but it’s a different experience altogether. 3D videos give a sort of depth and presence to the objects, while 360 degree videos create the feeling of actually being present in the video, as if you’re standing right there. 

Watching 3D videos might require some sort of equipment (like those 3D glasses at the movies) while 360 degree videos can be viewed on virtually any device. 


Creating 360 degree videos can be quite more cost effective than 3D videos and provide a better user experience altogether.


How do you watch 360 videos? Do you need equipment?

Of course not! People get VR and 360 videos mixed up in a way. While VR is in fact a created environment in which you can interact with the characters and the environment itself, it also requires special equipment such as VR goggles. 

360 degree videos do not require any equipment whatsoever and can be easily found on Facebook and Youtube. More and more social media platforms are adding the option to view 360 degree videos, such as Snapchat, where it was a hit among travel influencers and enthusiasts alike. 


You can, however, opt for a cheap set of goggles to view such videos, to give you a more indepth experience. To make it even better, such goggles don’t have to be expensive ones, you can even DIY some at home, but for those who don’t have the time – try out Google Cardboard

What types of 360 degree videos are there?

Just like regular video content, 360 degree video content ranges all the way from cooking to travel videos and what’s most popular nowadays is digitally created 360 degree videos. Whether it’s gaming videos, to kids-friendly entertainment videos. The range is quite wide and there’s something for everyone!