A Creative Introduction To 360° Video Ads

April 14, 2021
April 14, 2021 2i4u_amdin

Introducing 360° Video Ads

Nowadays, the most important part of an advertisement is its content. Embedding advertisements into content is a great way to attract more users. With 360 video ads, you can use this method to create unique and interactive advertisements. If you work with sponsors or have partners, it’s also another great way to include them in the content, while having natural content that isn’t necessarily an advertisement.

Platforms For 360° Video Ads

We’re no strangers to social media, and neither is anyone operating a business, so we’re aware of which platforms are performing best when it comes to video advertisements. Even with Facebook is losing shares, this doesn’t mean it’s to be taken lightly and disregarded, it’s still in second place as the leading advertising platform, especially for video ads. YouTube is taking first place for most users, while Snapchat falls behind Facebook. LinkedIn falls in place after Snapchat, though advertising on LinkedIn is mostly B2B and analytics have shown that advertisements that focus on business solutions, rather than products, work best on LinkedIn.

Getting The Best of Each Platform

YouTube might have the biggest userbase, but how many of us are using AdBlock and skipping each ad that pops up? Over 65% to be precise. This means the video needs to be engaging from the first second and studies have shown that 360° videos bring 28.8% more views with double the viewers watching it to the end. In conclusion, if you ever plan on utilizing YouTube Ads, stick to 360° video – it will perform much better.

Facebook has become a giant in advertising over the years and due to the pandemic, almost every business is running Facebook ads, but with so much competition, choosing 360° video ads will help you stick out and show your targeted audience a different side of your business. 

Snapchat is mostly used by younger generations, focusing on Generation Z, and would work best for influencers, artists, and travel agencies.

LinkedIn, as we mentioned, is best for Business to Business marketing. With that in mind, making a 360° showcasing a new platform that can help businesses would be an amazing way to utilize 360° video content. 

You can also get in touch with us if you’re interested in creating a 360° video from scratch.


A Creative Solution for Advertising

With 360° videos becoming more and more popular, new ways to be creative arise. Whether it’s for marketing a product or showcasing a project, choosing a video format that will bring more engagement, more views and looks good in general, is something that any and every business needs to look into – no matter how big or small. With small businesses popping up on every corner these last two years, it’s essential to have an arsenal of creative content that will stick out. 

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