Immersive Discussion pt 2: Content That Transcends

April 9, 2021
April 9, 2021 2immersive4u

Everybody Wants A Good Story

All of us want to tell a good story, whether as a brand, a company or an individual, and let’s be honest, everybody wants to hear a good story. Something that we do not focus on is the hardware but on the characters and the environment that make the story happen. 

With this in mind, we are able to go anywhere with the videos we create, from Mars to the White House and we create a magical experience that immerses an audience.

Video Stopped Evolving

The video production industry, whether it’s filmed or it’s a digitally created video, stopped evolving some time ago, now don’t get us wrong – the videos are getting betting and are betting quality, but that’s the hardware, we’re talking about the video itself. Immersive videos are the next step in video evolution, not only is it something to be yet tapped into, but it also puts the audience first which lets us experiment with their minds in a way. 

Using traditional methods to force you where to look, but also giving you the freedom to look around, will create more curiosity and our natural instinct to rebel which will only help you connect with the video content and also create a bond. You will empathize with the characters which will further deepen the connection and your curiosity will grow as you get more ways to explore while viewing a video.

Immersive Marketing

We discussed how versatile immersive content can be in a marketing sense and how it can be repurposed in advertising. However, keeping in mind your audience is focusing on the story and character, you will have the space to promote your sponsors or partners within the content itself. You’ll be able to make them part of the world your audience is seeing and not just have a flashing banner with their logo on it. This is, in short, a benefit for marketers and advertisers when they are looking to repurpose content.

Transcending Content

We all know the Michelin tire guy, Zelda, and many more iconic animated characters, but their existence transcends simple screens. Let’s take Pokemon as an example, these aren’t just beloved characters, they became part of the culture and have since transcended from Game Boys. We see them everywhere now, from retail stores to our phone screens, and let’s not forget Pokemon Go which took the world by a storm. Reusing immersive 360° content creates a lifelong value, not only to the character but for your brand or company. It will not only help you build your brand but will also create a story and something for your audience and customer to bond over. 


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