Immersive Discussion pt. 1: What Makes Us Different

April 2, 2021
April 2, 2021 2i4u_amdin

A Different Approach –

We’re taking knowledge from the gaming industry and reinventing it into 360° immersive videos, that don’t require any special gear nor technology in order to view it. We put storytelling first, and with Unreal Engine we’re able to create environments that are used in a natural way.

We combine the best of both worlds by applying the skills that are mostly used in the gaming industry with a story that represents a unique experience. That’s why our team focuses on creating a story that will be told by the content we create.

Animation As A Concept

We strongly believe that animation is part of the future, as more and more industries become digital, so will be the content they create for their audience. This brings up an argument, is animation childish, and does it seem unprofessional? We strongly disagree with animation being childish – it’s improved greatly over the last couple of decades, and it’s becoming more natural, so in a few more decades we won’t be able to see a difference between an animated video and a recorded video. If done correctly, it won’t even seem unprofessional, can we say companies like Sony, Samsung, or even Coke are unprofessional for using animated videos for advertising? It’s unlikely anyone will call these giants unprofessional. 

Animation gives us an option to create things that are unreal and make them feel real. 

Innovating Viewership

One of our brand values is to innovate the viewership experience, but what do we mean by that? The immersive content industry has been focusing on creating all sorts of gadgets, gear, and technology that can be used to experience immersive content. From goggles to whole rooms dedicated to watching a video and feeling as if you’re part of it, remember those 8D theatres in malls? 

We’re innovating viewership by focusing on the content and the story while optimizing the video for everyday devices such as phones, tablets, and PCs. Simply focusing on the technology behind the content has slowed down the industry, and is not offering accessibility to larger audiences. This is like seating in school cafeterias, “You can’t sit with us unless you have a cool pen”, which is the equivalent of “You can’t watch our video without VR goggles”. 


Our goal is not to revolutionize, but simply disrupt how the world sees the immersive content industry. Are we being the bad guys to the industry by telling audiences and clients you don’t need special goggles to view a video? Maybe.

How better would games be if you could see what the character is seeing, and not needing goggles or any special gear to experience the game and content presented to you? Imagine being there but not having a headache from the straps of the VR goggles, wouldn’t that be nice? 


We want to say we’re taking a turn in the immersive content industry and we’re focusing on the story that can be experienced on everyday devices by all audiences, not just by those with special gear and technology.