Versatility of Immersive Content

March 31, 2021
March 31, 2021 2immersive4u

It’s Not Just For Facebook And Youtube

 – Facebook and Youtube are leading the way as the exciting use of immersive content grows every day. But as more companies explore the magic of immersive content for marketing and advertising, one question remains: Can platforms that aren’t designed for 360° viewing support this new content? 


Versatility of Immersive Content

We’ve talked about how versatile immersive content can really be, especially 360° videos, however, we never explained how it can be repurposed. 

With Instagram becoming the biggest advertising platform, it’s not (yet) friendly for immersive content, especially videos. That’s why editing and cutting an immersive picture and turning it into a carousel post is the only way to generate that “3D” immersive feeling to the content. Let’s say you want to show a whole room, including the details on the floor, without having to zoom and take multiple pictures, well phones now come with a panorama setting so you can create a large picture, cut it out into segments, making sure no details can be missed. 


With Pinterest stories also rolling out, this is also a great way to utilize hacks like this, especially when marketing a place or location. Pinterest being the anti-social, social network, it’s a great place to advertise your product while maintaining your brand’s or company’s aesthetic. 


Let’s not forget about TikTok! Immersive videos can be edited in so many ways, you can practically get hundreds of minutes of content from a simple 3-minute video. However, just posting random videos isn’t going to cut it. With TikTok’s versability as a platform when it comes to trends and trending music, immersive videos can be repurposed to fit any trend that’s blowing up. Sure, TikTok might not be a great place to market your business, but keeping a digital presence on all platforms is a must, especially with new platforms popping up every day. 


Make It Fun

If immersive content is anything, then it’s fun! From VR games to 360° video ads, everyone likes having options and feeling as if you’re the main character in a video game. 

The way we view content is changing, and many of us can’t imagine a world without endless scrolling through videos and photos, so why not have a video or an Ad that sticks out? Give your audience a chance to experience content and not just view it. 

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