Immersive Content Revolutionizes Sports Marketing

March 18, 2021
March 18, 2021 2immersive4u

The Way We View Games Has Changed Forever

The pandemic has hit the sports industry hard… Both for the teams and their fans. Not being able to attend a baseball, soccer, or hockey game has been challenging for many. But now that team are reopening their doors, how are marketers and advertisers engaging their fans for the upcoming season?

Immersive Content in Sports Industry

We’re familiar with teams using video games and virtual reality to promote their team, their player’s skills, and the game itself. However, marketing your team goes way beyond just games nowadays, especially in digital marketing. Companies have introduced immersive content as a way to engage their audience, intrigue them and make memorable experiences. Whether it’s virtual reality or a 360° video.

Aim High, Go Higher

With immersive content marketing, especially 360° video ads, sports fans won’t just see another ad for their favorite team, they’ll have a viewership experience. Now, what does that mean? The reason immersive content is growing so much is that the attention span when scrolling through social media has been getting smaller each year. In 2011, the attention span of an average viewer when opening a new piece of content was 10 seconds, and in the past 10 years, this has dropped to 2 – 5 seconds, depending on the platform. How is immersive video content changing that? 

When scrolling through, let’s say, Facebook, every 360° video will be marked – which will grab the attention of the viewers. Most platforms are pushing 360° videos as they’re aware that this form of content is the future, so the algorithm will work in favor of the publisher – whether that’s a marketer or a content creator.

Meet the team in 360°

The most important team member is the mascot, but with most fans staying home this year, they can’t really see their favorite member on the field, can they? Thankfully, content and marketing have evolved in the past year and sports teams can bring their mascots to life using immersive content.

Making a 360° video starring your mascot or the fan’s favorite team member has a lot of benefits.

Bringing the fan’s favorite to life all through everyday devices such as phones and laptops will not only be exciting but will also remind them of what they’re missing out on, so when the stadiums open back up and things go back to normal they’ll rush down to see their favorite members and not just interact with them through their phones in a 360° video.

Meet the sponsors in 360°

Whether it’s rebranding, building awareness, or just reminding your audience of your team or product, immersive content does it better, especially 360° videos that can be viewed from your phone. 

Remind your audience and your fans of your team or brand by giving them an experience through a simple ad on Facebook or YouTube. With an immersive video, your team’s or brand’s sponsors and partners will also have an additional space to showcase their support. Their logo can come as a part of the environment or the center of attention, but the immersive video will still keep it an authentic storytelling experience.

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