Five Brands Using Immersive Content For Marketing

March 17, 2021
March 17, 2021 2i4u_amdin

How is immersive content taking over?

It’s no secret that a lot of brands have been using immersive content in their marketing strategies, whether it’s to promote their products or simply create brand awareness in areas they aren’t that popular. They’ve been using everything from VR, AR, and XR to mobile and laptop friendly 360° view immersive videos, some offering 10-minute interactive videos and some simple videos to build interest with their potential customers.

Whatever their reason may be to use it, immersive content is especially on the rise in the marketing industry, we even made a short article on how it can help your brand (or your band):

1. A simple 360° video goes a long way: Vital Farms Eggs

Using immersive content they’re using their customers where their eggs come from. A lot of us aren’t familiar with terms such as “cage-free”, “pasture-raised” and “free-range” so they’re choosing an immersive way to showcase their worth and what they have to offer. Check out more on their website:

2. Teaching us how tequila is made: Patrón Tequila

From the perspective of an agave-loving bumble bee, fly through the production of their beautiful tequila-making process. Using immersive content to show their process and educate and intrigue their audience. This is a prime example of innovating your marketing using immersive content. Check out their video on their YouTube channel:

3. Holiday Magic: Coca-Cola and Augmented Reality Polar Bears

It’s no secret that Coke has one of the best marketing teams in the world, and even they are aware of how the way we view and interact with content is evolving. They’re using immersive content, in this case, Augmented Reality, to bring their customers closer to the brand, build more trust and really experience their content! That’s the point of immersive content, isn’t it? Not just view content, but experience it. You can check out all the details about their campaign using this link:

4. Brand or Band: Anitta

This technically isn’t a brand (nor a band) but is a prime example of how musicians can use immersive content. Anitta used an immersive experience to promote her song Tócame by projecting unreleased scenes of the view onto the sides of buildings in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. You can check out her video here:

5. Exploring Canada in 360: Lonely Planet

In partnership with Samsung, a known giant in the VR industry, Lonely Planet started its series of “Exploring Canada” with 360°videos. If anything they’re showing us an example of how immersive content can be versatile and adapted to everyday devices. You can check out their content here:

Content is evolving – Marketing is growing

These are only a few examples of companies using immersive content for marketing, some a form of marketing at least. Whether the company is for a new audience or they want to engage their existing one, choosing immersive content would be the right choice no matter what you’re doing, whether it’s making music, tourism, or even some handmade goods.


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