The Beginning of Immersive Ads

March 10, 2021
March 10, 2021 2i4u_amdin
future of facebooks ads - immersive ads

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A New Era Of Ads is Upon Us!

When we say immersive ads, we don’t mean a catchy phrase on a billboard or one of those 3D pop-up flyers. We mean digital ads, such as Facebook and Google Ads.
Digital advertising is at an all-time high, and imagine what you can do with an immersive ad – showcasing your product, content, or even a song.

The era of immersive advertising is upon us! Imagine your customers can check out your product as if it’s right in front of them, without any special technology? All they need is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, anything that’s got a touch screen or comes with a courser!

What do you get from immersive Ads?

Immersive ads will have way more engagement than using a simple video or a bunch of piled-up photos. With that being said, what does “more engagement” even mean? It’s going to give your audience a new perspective; it’s going to be way more entertaining and, most importantly, it’s going to be something new – a type of ad they haven’t seen before. All of these benefits can be converted for your main goal, whether it’s to reach more people with your content or get more people to your website. When advertising a product through Facebook or Google Ads, wouldn’t you want your potential customers to remember the ad?

They’ll have a better sense of knowing what they’ll get, which will only be a plus for you and your business since there will be two main outcomes:
The viewer will like what they see just based on an ad; they’ll interact with the video and make sure they know what they’re getting – this will only help their brain decide if they want to make the purchase. However, giving the viewer options and getting them more interested with an immersive ad will result in a higher possibility of clicking that link or the “buy now” button.
They’ll know what you’re offering them, and they’ll look around, experience the content, and end up not liking it. How can this be beneficial? Well, with the help of an immersive ad, they’ll get a better understanding of what they’re getting. This will either build interest or ruin it, so your customers will be sure they want to purchase your product.

How many times has it happened that you receive an email, call, or text from a customer, wanting to cancel their order right after making it? Too many times.

Thanks to immersive Ads, they’ll know what they’re getting, so the possibility of them canceling their order will be lower. This will generate “true customers” for you, not just someone who got excited after seeing your ad and regretting the purchase after seeing the charge on their card.

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We’re innovating the viewership experience, so viewing an immersive ad will be more of an experience than it is a video, all from the comfort of your phone or laptop. The advertising industry has been a bit stagnant when it comes to innovating content, so we plan on disrupting not just one but multiple industries in our future.

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