It’s no secret that there are about 500 minutes of content uploaded every minute, but how can viewing a video be turned into an experience? 

Immersive technologies are on the rise, from VR to AR, but we believe that you don’t need special tech to experience a video, so what does it mean to experience video content?

The most natural way for us to look at an object is from all angles, so allowing an audience a 360° view of a video evokes curiosity and intrigues them, they’ll look around, immerse themselves in all the details, angles, and their attention will grow every second. Getting captivated in the video, immersing yourself in it through just a screen on your phone or laptop, means to experience it, not just view it. 


We believe you don’t need special technologies nor gear to be able to experience immersive video, better yet, you’ll reach more people by optimizing it for everyday devices such as phones, laptops, and tablets. Lately even TVs are becoming more and more optimized for different types of content. 


Check out our process to find out how we create immersive videos – experiences, for everyday devices: 


What can you do with immersive videos? Well, the possibilities are endless, or so they say! 

Let’s say you want to promote your song, why not have your fans experience the music video? This will create a bond with the listener. They’ll have an experience while viewing your video, all while listening to your song. They’re more likely to recommend it to a friend because it’s fun to look around, play with the video all while listening to good music. They’ll become part of the video, they’ll feel like rock stars, pop stars, and they’ll feel closer to the artist and their music. 

“What if I don’t make music?” – we’re pretty versatile when it comes to creating immersive videos, so we focus on the story and adapt everything to it. Let’s say you want to promote a product, we’ll make a story around that product, make a storyboard and create an immersive video – a whole experience all while highlighting your product. Your potential customers are going to think it’s fun, they’ll try looking around, they’ll get more curious and they’ll have a bigger chance of interacting with more of your content or buying your product because they’ll already establish a sort of connection with it.


We don’t say immersive videos are an experience for nothing. It’s an innovative way of viewership, where the audience feels as if they’re part of the video and all that from their phone or laptop screen. The most natural thing is to be curious, and that’s what immersive videos give you, a chance to be curious, to look around, and be part of the video; it gives you options.


Checkout our latest project to experience a better way of viewing content: 


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