Obstacles, beginnings

September 25, 2020
September 25, 2020 2i4u_amdin

It’s early morning. I’m a little bit tired.

At that time, I was terrified; what may happen with the future cause we didn’t get P-Visa for the US tour. Something like ten years down the drain. We were doing gigs in Europe, and I had studio gigs in a couple of the last years, so it was fine. Plus, my friend found me a gig with a marketing company, and it was remote work, so why the hell not.
That was our shot, which turns out to be a pretty lonesome period.
I tried to compensate it with PS4 and a few fantastic games like Red Dead Redemption, Last of Us, Uncharted 4. Prolonged walking and intensive running. I had a few months, so I did a couple of Six Sigma Courses cause a couple of Contractors from NASA were hiring and my friend send me the list with the contractors, but I’m going to talk more about that later.

And then…
I was making music with Marko Galantic. We had a remarkable musical symbiosis and an understanding of what we’re going to do. It was just like – Try this and that man! Ok, now add this, ok, let’s add few bars of that…

And then just like that -The demo for Reactor5 was coming together.
Then it hit me…
I watched a couple of animated videos in 360 Environment like Gorillaz and stuff. Then, I started a little research. Google had a team for that kind of technology, and they developed an app with short stories called Google Spotlight. Only like 90 people from 7 different studios were working on that type of project and what I notice is they didn’t have a clear Return of investment plan. It’s Google, and they can fuck around.
It was my time to develop a team. Just one guy needs to outshine like 14 people from Google.
Time to make an All-star crew…